Danny “Ultra” Dvorak

The coach with the funny colored hair, Danny is certified by NASM as a personal trainer with a certification in nutrition coaching. He is experienced with group fitness having coached 1000+ classes. Owner of Ultra Hero Training, LLC, Danny specializes in adding muscle to improve body composition and self-confidence in the gym while fulfilling all the needs for sustained results.

Growing up admiring fictional heroes of all kinds, Danny aims to make everyone feel like the main character in their own story—to become their own hero.

“The training methodology will always be specific to the individual, but the one thing that will always be taught and learned is how important effort is. My goal is to get people to realize what they’re truly capable of, and learn how to improve for the long-term.”

Sessions with Danny will always be filled with knowledge. He hopes to give people the tools they need to take their fitness, and therefore their life, in their own hands.

IG: @itsDannyUltra