With optimal fitness and total recovery as the central guiding principles for his own life, Kevin has made it his professional mission to bring the same feeling of health and balance he enjoys to his friends and clients. As an experienced Certified Personal Trainer and intuitive Licensed Massage Therapist, Kevin’s approach has always been a harmonious combination of both disciplines that attends to the mind, body, and soul. As Kevin tells his clients, it’s all about being your best self by caring for your body before, during and after a workout—an approach that addresses the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems and the key to Kevin’s whole body wellness philosophy.

Not surprisingly, the same thing that drives Kevin internally to stay healthy and keep his body in peak physical and mental condition is also what drives his professional approach. When working with clients, Kevin helps them push beyond their own boundaries by becoming active in new and challenging ways while encouraging them to recover faster and reduce stress afterward with massage. And while Kevin is happy to focus on either fitness or massage, it’s the combination of both fields that makes his approach truly unique. For those who’ve trained in the gym with Kevin and received therapeutic massages thereafter, this holistic way of thinking is what keeps them coming back year after year.

Too often, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t account for an individual’s different abilities, ambitions, and goals. That’s what makes Kevin’s complementary approach so unique. No matter how you engage with him, you can rest assured that he will design a training regimen that moves at your speed or offers a customized massage session completely based on intuition and how you respond to his touch. Together, you’ll discover your own personal path to greater health, energy, stamina, and relaxation—and enjoy the same passion for fitness and relaxation that Kevin lives every day. It’s time to let go of your old programming, get in tune with your body and live a happier life.

Training and Education
– Exercise and Sports Science: Fitness Specialist at University of Georgia
– Licensed Massage Therapist
– ACE Certification