American Council of Exercise(ACE), TRX certified and founder of NGUVU Training, Maurice’s path to Health & Wellness stemmed from his constant battles with fluctuating weight topping out at 230Ibs as a teenager. Shifting his mindset coupled with making better food choices, he dropped the weight and gained better mobility, stamina, and muscle strength. He now shares his techniques as a personal trainer under his fitness company NGUVU (n-goo-voo) which means “Strength and Vitality” in Swahili. In his sessions, Maurice incorporates a mixture of fitness strategies including mobility & flexibility being a focus at the beginning before moving on to any resistance training.
“In order for our bodies to operate at its most optimal, we must mobilize it and prepare it for the required tasks at hand. In addition, we must recover our body with the same strategy as the beginning. If done accordingly, the longevity of your body will be endless and you will be amazed what can be achieved with dedication.”
The well-being of others is what I care about. Mentally and physically, that’s what you’ll get from me as my client. Take a card, and let’s train.
I: 980.226.7500